Tilt-A-Story: Norman of the North
iPad App, Prototyping, Game Development


Tilt-A-Story: Norman of the North is a game tailored for young children learning to read, built to an iPad.

Duration: 6 weeks

Role: Programmer

Project Type: Group of 5 - Thomas Huneycutt, Cassandra Ortiz, Gray Hancock, RJ Javier, Jillian Spina

Tools: Unity, C#


This one of my first projects completed in my first semester of design school. With my background in computer science, I was active in the developer role and started stepping foot into the designer role. For this project, I did most of the programming and prototyping.

Learning Through Phonics

"while learning to talk is a natural process that occurs when children are surrounded by spoken language, learning to read is not. To become readers, kids need to learn how the words they know how to say connect to print on the page. They need explicit, systematic phonics instruction."

Studies have shown that children learn best through phonics. Through storytelling and gameplay we wanted to visually and audibly represent words on the screen. Captions light up by syllables. Narration emphasizes each syllable



Level Designs

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Take Aways

I was incredibly proud of how much my team was able to accomplish in the span of 6 weeks! However, going back, I would have tried harder to do some more preliminary user testing to see how the game would be received.

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