Potens Femina
Website, Prototyping


A digital magazine website prototype that features prominent NCSU women, with easily accessible content from the archives and beyond. Audiences will have the option to curate their own “magazine” issue, and access tools to customize the aesthetic of their cover. Considering limitations of traditional print media we aim to push the boundaries of digital medium.

Duration: 4 weeks

Role: UX Design, UI Design

Project Type: Group of 3 - Cassandra Ortiz, Kulsum Tasnif, Natalia Hopkins

Tools: Photoshop, Adobe XD

Take Aways

Our magazine: 

  • Allows users to select from a database of NCSU archives with articles and videos that focus on women, their histories, and content from the Special Collections
  • Acts as an accessible teaching/educational tool that generates information in an interesting way
  • Highlights content that addresses lack of representation of women of color in historical archives 
  • Organizes topics in categories for easy access

You can view the video for the prototype walkthrough below: 

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