Creative Coding
Game Design, Web Design & Development, Computational Art


The following consists of works created throughout Fall Semester of 2020. During the semester I was able to learn different areas of computational art. I experimented with computer vision, created a game, and worked on an interactive webpage.

Duration: August 2020 - December 2020

Project Type: Individual

Tools: P5.js, Matter.js, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Processing

Experiments in Creative Coding

Prior to taking the creative coding course, I had played around with Processing, and so the transition to P5.js was very simple. I came into this course knowing how to code but I still felt that this visual approach to coding was very satisfying. With a few lines of code you immediately see results and can create some very cool imagery. I pushed myself by using computer vision libraries such as clmtrackr.js and physics libraries such as matter.js. You can check out more of these web experiments and code on my OpenProcessing page.

Using face tracking and brightness, I created a colorful fun mirror that outlines facial features.
Mini cloud zap game
For my final project I wanted to experiment with the homepage of my website, you can view it here.
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