Tilt-A-Story: Norman of the North
iPad App, Prototyping, Game Development


Tilt-A-Story: Norman of the North is a game tailored for young children learning to read, built to an iPad.

Duration: 6 weeks

Role: Programmer

Project Type: Group of 5 - Thomas Huneycutt, Cassandra Ortiz, Gray Hancock, RJ Javier, Jillian Spina

Tools: Unity, C#


This one of my first projects completed in my first semester of design school. With my background in computer science, I was active in the developer role and started stepping foot into the designer role. For this project, I did most of the programming and prototyping.



Level Designs

Learning Through Phonetics

  • Studies have shown that children learn best through phonetics
  • Phonetics are used visually and audibly in gameplay
  • Captions that light up by syllables
  • Narration that emphasizes each syllable
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